Passive-Aggressive Tweets

I saw this tweet today and had to laugh:

I’ve neglected my blog because I’ve been too busy working to write about work.

Things should ease up by mid-May, although I had been saying that April was going to be the end of the blazing streak.  I hope to find time to write about my trip to Portland, Oregon for the 20th Annual American Copy Editors Society (ACES) conference, and the very timely book about income inequality I recently edited for a fellow from NYC.

I’m a native New Yorker, so I enjoyed using the project as an excuse to visit the city when the author and I reviewed the first round of edits, page by printed page, in person. I live in Vermont now, and perhaps I can get the book into Bernie Sanders’s hands, although that would surely be preaching to the choir.

I’m presently nearing completion of a lengthy technical  proofread, to be immediately followed by a lengthy technical copyedit with a sprinkle of grant editing for UVM for good measure. Hope to see you back here in late-May.