Recent Work with Synthetic Biology Researchers

I’m in the home stretch of project-managing and editing 12 academic papers about synthetic biology. The authors are outside-the-box thinkers who are on the cutting edge of the field. This makes them innate rule breakers, which makes the process ever-interesting. I will be elated to release these papers into the wild very soon.

The authors and directors on the team have been super to work with, and I’m reminded again that it takes a village to create any top-notch publication. I’ve also learned so much about synthetic and applied biology, an often polarizing subject. The organization, SynbioLEAP, is trying to broaden public discourse about this nuanced subject by taking an interdisciplinary approach.

I hired Heather Saunders of Just the Write Type Editing to assist with final proofreading and citation checking. She graciously let me ruin an evening or two of hers and Labor Day weekend (in true freelancer style, she had forgotten that it was a holiday weekend until after she agreed to work on the project) to complete the project.

This was one of several editors I’ve hired this year to help with large projects. I’ve found that doing a substantive edit and a copyedit on the same work is doable but that it’s a bad idea to proofread work that you’ve copyedited. Proofreading requires fresh eyes and a much broader view, which is hard to fake after you’ve had an intimate relationship with the content.