What’s New for 2017

The old high school before it was old.

I finally bit the bullet and hired someone to redo the Wheelhouse Editorial website, which I created and have been maintaining until now. As the business has grown, more of my time goes to editing and managing projects and people, leaving me less time to accurately reflect that growth on the website! And the more I develop my editing, writing, and business management chops, the more my web design muscles wither. It took a while for me to resign myself to the fact that someone else can and will do a much better job at this than I can (but if I only had the time…). The new website should be up by March.

Another exciting development is that Wheelhouse has moved out of my home office and into a suite in the renovated “Old High School” in Bristol, VT. The Old High School is a quaint nineteenth-century building that used to be the local middle and high school until a regional five-town school was built in the 1960s. Suitemates include an engineer working remotely for a multinational energy grid corporation (Did you know that much of America’s infrastructure is owned and operated by foreign companies? I did not, until an impromptu conversation by the “water cooler.”), a psychologist, and a non-profit connecting education, the arts, and the environment.

These developments make life a little easier, and I’ve already seen an increase in productivity. My ultimate hope is that a clearer separation between work and home—and between what I do and what I outsource—will make it easier to be more present with my family when I’m home, and allow me more ability to focus on growing and refining this business.