I didn’t come to editing from a career as a news desk copyeditor—I came to it from a career as an award-winning technical writer (Society for Technical Communication Award of Excellence and Award of Merit). I’ve also worked as a freelance writer, fact checker, communications consultant, and website maker.

I’m still a writer at heart, but I also enjoy supporting other writers, working with them to make their content the best it can be. I have an irrational reverence for the creative process and the amount of work it takes to write something worth reading.

My clients tend to be “big thinkers” with visionary ideas that they want to share. I’m not just referring to scientific or technical thought leaders—what fiction author could undertake the enormous task of writing a novel without a burning passion driving them ever onward?Picture of Gillian McGarvey

I’m not afraid of complex topics or language, and I have a lot of practice querying authors to make sure their meaning is clear. I always aim for plain language, even (especially) if the topic is complex. I’m comfortable working with SMEs (subject matter experts—you know who you are!) as well as book authors, businesses, and organizations. I also work with clients for whom English is not their native language. Sometimes I feel like a translator of sorts—transforming complex ideas and facts into beautiful and accessible language.

I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers AssociationAmerican Copy Editors Society, Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and American Society of Business Publication EditorsMy bio was recently featured in the ACES newsletter. I regularly take professional development courses, attend editing conferences, and stay connected with other editors. If I’m not the editor for you, I can help find one who is.

In addition to the pleasure of working with language every day, I love the working relationships I have with my clients, who are located as close as the next town up the mountain road here in Vermont to as far away as Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I’m not editing, I love to spend time with my kids and husband, hike with my dogs, read, paint, swim, write, and travel.

Gillian McGarvey
Editor & Owner