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Martine Rothblatt on cover of NY Mag

The Value of Good Judgment

Back in 2005, I met and had the privilege of working with someone very special—Martine Rothblatt, who contacted me after she saw a sign I posted in town advertising my services as a website designer. At the time, I had a small business creating websites (using that old dinosaur Dreamweaver) for local businesses. This was back when do-it-yourself apps like Squarespace didn’t […]

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The Guardian explicitly reveals the age of articles on its website.

On the Importance of Dates

Imagine this (all too common) scenario: Al: “Hey, Betty, your website looks great!” Betty: “Thanks, Al. If only I had time to write more blog posts. My last one is from a few months ago.” Al: “Why don’t you just remove the dates? Then no one would ever know how old they are.” Betty: “Hm. That could […]

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Passive-Aggressive Tweets

I saw this tweet today and had to laugh: Active voice: I love your blog Passive voice: Your blog is loved Passive-aggressive voice: I love how you have time to write a blog — Shit Academics Say (@AcademicsSay) April 29, 2016 I’ve neglected my blog because I’ve been too busy working to write about work. […]

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The Bane of My Existence

The term “restrictive and nonrestrictive appositives” had been a splinter in my toe ever since I discovered that the grammatical constructions it describes have a name. Like many editors, I didn’t start out as a staff newspaper copyeditor, learning copyediting with red pen in hand. I was a writer before I was an editor (although any experienced writer will […]

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A Storify on Grammar and Usage

Here’s a link to a Storify chronicling an ACES chat on Twitter in which I participated. ACES is the American Copy Editors Society (I’m a member). I’ve attended two of their annual conferences and have enjoyed being a part of its growing contingent of freelance editors. Until we can all geek out in person again at next […]

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Stanley, Comma, Jill

Is Stanley a Bigamist?

If you Google “Is Stanley a Bigamist?”, you might find, like I did, a blog post exploring whether the actor Jason Sudeikis’s father, Stanley, was a bigamist. You might also find a smattering of reviews about romping British theater productions. No matter how much I love the alliterative quality of the words “Jason Sudeikis,” I’m not here to talk […]

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