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A Poem for Solstice

The longest day of the year deserves a celebratory token. I wrote this short poem yesterday while observing a brightly hued bug skirr among the keys of my MacBook Air. Happy Summer Solstice to all the interdependent humans, insects, birds and animals who come alive during this time of year! Microscopic red mite races in a […]

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picture of graffiti on wall

Grammar Vigilante Causes Stir Among Editors

In April, shortly after I returned from the ACES annual conference in St. Petersburg, FL, the BBC ran an article about a self-styled “grammar vigilante” who has been correcting punctuation on public signs in Bristol, England for the past decade. This “Banksy of punctuation” has even fashioned an “apostrophiser” (that would be “apostrophizer” in American English), […]

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The old high school before it was old.

What’s New for 2017

I finally bit the bullet and hired someone to redo the Wheelhouse Editorial website, which I created and have been maintaining until now. As the business has grown, more of my time goes to editing and managing projects and people, leaving me less time to accurately reflect that growth on the website! And the more I develop my editing, writing, […]

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A Storify on Grammar and Usage

Here’s a link to a Storify chronicling an ACES chat on Twitter in which I participated. ACES is the American Copy Editors Society (I’m a member). I’ve attended two of their annual conferences and have enjoyed being a part of its growing contingent of freelance editors. Until we can all geek out in person again at next […]

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