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In Which I (Hopefully) Look for Answers

I wouldn’t literally die if I didn’t have coffee in the morning, but I might “literally” die. The same holds true for learning something new every day. Fortunately, I’m an editor and learning new things goes with the territory. Some folks might think editors have all the rules memorized, but in fact there are so many rules […]

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The Bane of My Existence

The term “restrictive and nonrestrictive appositives” had been a splinter in my toe ever since I discovered that the grammatical constructions it describes have a name. Like many editors, I didn’t start out as a staff newspaper copyeditor, learning copyediting with red pen in hand. I was a writer before I was an editor (although any experienced writer will […]

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Stanley, Comma, Jill

Is Stanley a Bigamist?

If you Google “Is Stanley a Bigamist?”, you might find, like I did, a blog post exploring whether the actor Jason Sudeikis’s father, Stanley, was a bigamist. You might also find a smattering of reviews about romping British theater productions. No matter how much I love the alliterative quality of the words “Jason Sudeikis,” I’m not here to talk […]

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