A sampling of some of my clients:

You’ve probably seen O’Reilly books in the Technology section of your favorite bookstore; they’re identifiable by their iconic use of hand-sketched endangered animals and block-color cover designs. They’re also known as a leader in tech publishing. I’ve been a copyeditor for O’Reilly since 2012. I work directly with authors and production editors under tight deadlines, and create style sheets that are used throughout the production cycle.

If the text is so good today, it’s thanks to the literally hundreds of smart, accurate corrections Gillian made to my writing.

—Pieter Hintjens, O’Reilly author

Titles I’ve copyedited include: C in a Nutshell, Using WebPageTest, Prototype to Product, The Architecture of Privacy, Designing Delivery, Ruby Pocket Reference, Hadoop Security, “Hello, Startup,” AngularJS: Up and Running, Getting Started with Impala, Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell, Developing Business Intelligence Apps for SharePoint, Just Spring Data, Learning Java – 4th Edition, Practical Computer Vision with SimpleCV, Cloud Architecture Patterns, Bad Data Handbook, and 0MQ: Connecting Your Code.

Avature, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, offers an enterprise SaaS platform for global talent acquisition and management. They are also the leading global provider of CRM software for recruiting. I work closely with their technical writing and marketing teams, editing documents and providing writing coaching lessons that I develop and present via Google Hangouts.

With her sharp eye for detail and remarkable skill, [she] turns confusing wording into clear, intelligible writing.”

—Daniela Palacios, Technical Writer, Avature (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I’m also developing a style guide with the team, and teaching them American English trends and idioms. I started working with Avature in 2012; our businesses have grown together and our working relationship has deepened along with that.

The Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program (LEAP) envisions catalyzing a next generation of leaders in biotechnology to drive the responsible development of the field. In addition to building a cadre of young professionals taking on leadership roles in the synthetic biology community, LEAP aims to create sustainable tools and mechanisms for engaging a broader range of practitioners in the societal role of biotechnology development.

You’ve done a masterful job communicating with the fellows and I’m excited to get these papers out. This project was a huge endeavor and we would never have been able to deliver without your help. I am incredibly grateful to be working with you!

—Megan J. Palmer, Executive Director of LEAP

Wheelhouse Editorial coordinated, edited and formatted 12 strategic action plans (with citations) written by LEAP Fellows located around the world. The editing involved substantive editing as well as copyediting, and a large amount of managing feedback amidst the Fellows’ busy schedules. I maintained each author’s original language (some were in British English, others in American English). This high-volume, technical, multi-author project required that I hire a proofreader for a few of the final drafts. I also copyedited the final LEAP booklet summarizing the program’s outcomes.