“We’ve found Wheelhouse Editorial to be the perfect fit for our current project, The Wit and Wisdom of Bina48, a collection of conversations with an A.I. (artificial intelligence) humanoid. Gillian really helped to improve the project not only with her meticulous attention to detailed copyediting of the manuscript but also with the substantive ‘big picture’ developmental edit suggestions for the project as a whole. As a first-time author, I appreciated Gillian’s mix of professionalism, warmth and sense of humor that she brought to our collaboration.”

Bruce Duncan
Author & Managing Director
Terasem Movement Foundation

“Gillian McGarvey did a Herculean job of finding sources for and doing complete fact checks on a complex book on economics, written over several years. Several people attempted to find the sources previously and gave up. But Gillian did the impossible. She did it in an elegant and easy-to-follow format. I can’t imagine a more professional and thorough job of editing a manuscript. I’m in awe of her work and work ethic. Her contribution to the work is inestimable.”

— Lisa Stark

“With her sharp eye for detail and remarkable skill to turn confusing wording into clear, intelligible writing, Gillian’s contribution has become truly valuable to our team of technical writers. She not only edits our texts but has also helped us create a style guide that we are using as a reference as we develop our corporate “voice.” Gillian’s readiness to accept new challenges has also driven us to embark on a new project with her: technical writing lessons. Building on the fact that Gillian’s expertise has made such a significant contribution to our work, we came up with the idea of having her give us technical writing lessons, which she accepted enthusiastically. Gillian creates the content of the lessons and presents them remotely to our group using Google Hangouts or Skype. I highly recommend Gillian!”

—Daniela Palacios, Technical Writer, Avature (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“Gillian copy-edited the O’Reilly ZeroMQ book, over 500 pages of horribly detailed writing. If the text is so good today, it’s thanks to the literally hundreds of smart, accurate corrections Gillian made to my writing. Thanks, Gillian—it was fun to work with you, my English improved considerably, and I’d want you as editor for anything serious I write, ever again.”

— Pieter Hintjens, CEO, iMatix Corporation

“Gillian has provided high quality services as a copy editor and editor of important reports and documents produced at the University of Vermont Transportation Research Center. Her questions and insights have proved invaluable to our work and increased the quality of our publications. She has always been very clear about her availability and schedule. I look forward to continuing working with her on future projects and highly recommend her services.”

— Glenn McRae, University of Vermont Transportation Research Center

“Gillian is excellent at her craft. She was able to transform mediocre marketing pieces, various business proposals and our employee handbook into top-notch professional materials. She is easy to work with, listens well and understands my company’s needs. Gillian stayed within budget and delivered on time. She’s a pleasure to work with and I recommend her highly!”

— Rachel Cummings, CEO, Armistead Caregiver Services

“Gillian is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, courteous, and scrupulous; she knows where to find the right answers quickly. More importantly though, she also understands the importance of preserving a writer’s unique voice.”

— Joyce Hendley, Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Media Group

“Gillian has the detail-oriented skills that made her work invaluable at Eating Well magazine. She took the time and effort to verify the accuracy of information that went directly to our readers. She would be an asset to any organization.”

— Allison Cleary, Senior Editor, EatingWell Media Group

“Gillian is an extraordinarily skilled Principal Technical Writer who can communicate very complex subjects in a clear and understandable way. Gillian wrote two award-winning guides during the time I managed her and I believe some of her other work was actually better! Gillian is completely reliable; she knows how to work independently and take the initiative. I highly recommend Gillian.”

— James Browne, Documentation Manager, Eastman Software

“Gillian has the gift of being able to take on complex and abstract subject matter and concisely presenting it in a simple, clear manner. Her copy is lucid and enjoyable to read — not always an easy trick to pull off, but one that she consistently managed (and received awards for.) She’s a no-fuss deadline meeter, and would be an asset to any team or project.”

— Ray Fallon, Senior Principal Documentation Specialist, Eastman Software